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Owner's Profile : Mitsunori Fujioka

After I graduated from school of the sound music art, I use to work as recording assistant on recording studio, I was fascinated by professional audio equipment.

And then, I was repairing from microphones to speakers as service man in the Electro-Voice in Japan dealing with professional audio equipment.

Then I also had been repairing and development of guitar anp and pickups etc. on guitar maker Fernandes Japan.Using time after the work, I also learned guitar production etc. from colleagues(Mr. Taku Sakasita etc.).

After that, I was working as staff of user support and localization of software on the sales company of computer music software Emagic Logic Audio & Apple Logic.
I just happend to tune my acquaintance's acoustic guitar when I left the company and looking for a job.

At that time, I was evaluated "the guitar playability has improved significantly", "its sound brought back!" etc, and the request for that work had been increased by word of mouth.
So I has started alone as a repair company of acoustic guitars speciality in September, 2006.

As Enfini Custom Works

At just 2006, a solo guitar boom was in the wake of the fact that Mr. Kotaro Oshio was showing finger picking guitar play on television programs.

At the same time, the demand for set pickup for accoustic guitars became increase, so I started to total service until setting up service from making my original pickup in January 2007.

And I had asked the M-factory supporting Mr. Kotaro Oshio to make a preamp model(PM-200ef) arranged for EnfiniCustomWorks.And I had sold it with my pickup setting service. EnfiniCustomWorks' name have became known solo finger picking guitar market in Japan under the influence of M-factory's name value.

However during to improve my piezo pickup, I had been occuring a gap in difference with the sound I want graduatly. So I was looking for another existing preamplifier to be able to make the sound that I want, but I couldn't find out.

So I decided to start to produce my original preamplifier in March 2012, and I lealized commercialization of my first original preamplifier for acoustic guitar in November 2013.

This is the R-Zero that named it to be reference model of EnfiniCustomWorks as first 0th product, also it is the starting point for R-Zero products.

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