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Concept and Structure based on Professional Sound Technology,
Carefully Selected Parts and Original Exclusive Parts,
Sophisticated Japan-made Circuit Board with Elaborate Pattern Routing,
the Good Thickness Soldering using the Almit solder

by Handmade of Adept Mechanic Artificer,
these Exquisite Balance has Built the Quality of Products.

These completed devices are checked by 3 stern engineers at the factory, and only the passed devices will be delivered.
Furthermore, I aging check by the world standard audio measuring instrument Audio Precision's audio analyzer and the final real sound test and operation check as EnfiniCustomWorks,.  And then, I will deliver it as perfect device to customers.

I had been working and accumulating experience on professional audio industry over 20 years.
And I have been tunning and setting pickups to many acoustic guitars responding to the demands of many artists and players for about 10 years as EnfiniCustomWroks.

I know very much what is important to process sounds on music scene from sound engineer side, and also when and how sound and control needed on situations like live staging by playerside.

I maximize the accumulated know-how on these my experiences, made prototype model, and I have tried and
tested and improved on many times with these products, and then commercialized.

R-Zero concept series products have received high evaluation for its sound quality and usability from professional guitarists and bass players sticking to their play and sound in Japan and Taiwan and China, and be chosen and using by them.

I'm happy if I can have many more player in the world know and use my EnfiniCustomWorks R-Zero Concept Series products.

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