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Fidelity D.I.
High Quality Real Sound Direct Injection Box

Unit in order to convert the signal

sent from instruments to the proper signal format

without changing the original gain,
also without distorting.


This Fidelity D.I. is a direct injection box of studio quality to be converted to the original sound balance signal faithfully without impairing its signal.

You can express the faithful original sound directly of individual instruments on low noise and high quality at any situations of the live-shows or the studio recordings.


  • Not Change the Gain of Original Sound

  • Not Distort the Sound Signal

  • Wide Response of the Input Impedance

  • Send the Pure and Natural Sound

  • Without Deterioration of Signal

I produced this Fidelity D.I. based on these concepts.

Also you can use this Fidelity D.I. on various musical instruments from passive pickup of electric bass guitars and electric guitars until a keyboard of the line output by using the -20dB pad.


  • 2-channel Full-Active Circuit without deterioration of the sound quality.

  • Musically Sound Changing Filter using the high-quality film condenser.

  • Soft Edge Sound like a Tube

  • Compact size and Lightweight by aluminium case

  • Full Covered Functions of as the D.I.


----- Input and Output Circuit Configuration -------
Unbalance Inputs : 2

Input pad Switch : 2

Buffer amplifier Output : 2

Balance Output : 2
Filter Circuit each channel

     Hi Cut : 2

     Low Cut : 2


----- Power Supply ---------------------------------------------------------------

Phantom power DC48V or

Built-in 006P DC9V battery
*The alkaline battery or

  the nickel-metal hydride battery

  are recommended.


----- Current Consumption ----------------------------------------------

Phantom power DC48V

     within 5mA each channel
006P DC9V battery

     within 10mA


----- Input and Output Reference Level -------------------

Unbalance Input

     -20dBu impedance 1.5MΩ
  Inserted PAD : 0dBu

    Impedance 50KΩ
Buffer amplifier Output

    load resistance

     over 10KΩ recommend
Balance Output



----- Electrical Characteristic -----------------------------------------


     10Hz ~ 30KHz +0, within -1dB

     under 0.07% (-20dBu at 1KHz)
Residual Noise

     under -95dB (WTD IEC-A)

     over -80dB (8KHz)

     +6dB/oct for each marked

     frequency level


----- Dimensions & Weight -------------------------------------------

Unit Size

     106mm (W) x 136mm (D) x 40mm (H)

Shipping package size

     245mm (W) × 180mm (D) × 125mm (H)
Unit Weight


     *include 006P 9V battery weight

     *006 9V battery is not included

Shipping package weight


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