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On September 1st...

It’s been a while!

Wow, eight months has already passed in this year!

I'm sorry I couldn't update for a while.

On September 1st...

It was the official opening anniversary of Enfini Custom Works.

I've been supported by many customers who want to cherish the sound of musical instruments and are particular with sound, so the 14th year has started.

I’d like to continue to provide products and services that allow more customers to enjoy the original sounds of the instruments they choose.

I may cannot update constantly because I'm swamped with works, but I want to write and spell little by little about guitar theory and electronic technology theory that I think based on the knowledge, experience and skills gained from my previous career.

These are one of my personal considerations and I think that there are various ways of thinking in the world, so I'm glad to be nice if you could keep in one corner of your knowledge as the ways of thinking.

And what I know is only products of major manufacturers and Japan market, I think that there are many products build up by personal builder like me around the world.

I want to know about general ideas, good products and market in your country too.

So please send me your comments and questions.

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