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This Battery is 2-channel Compact

Head Amplifier Unit that can achieve

high-quality buffering.  It has mounted

the built-in the R-Zero head amp.

So it can express the sounds equivalent

to the R-Zero sound quality with

minimum of functions for saving power

through a 9V battery drive and

compact lightweight aluminium housing.



----- INPUT ------------------------------------------------------------

Stereo (dual) Jack
   Ach (Tip) gain range : +6dB to +36dB
   Bch (Ring) gain range : +6dB to +36dB
   Input impedance : 2MΩ fixed


----- OUTPUT ------------------------------------------------------------

Dual output (stereo jack)

Tip / Mono2 output

Ring / Mono1 output


----- PowerSupply -------------------------------------------------------

006P Battery

   Alkaline batteries or
   Lithium type rechargeable battery

   *TOSHIBA Impulse is recommended


----- Characteristic -------------------------------------------------------

Frequency response

     10Hz to 25KHz within ±1dB
Noise ratio

     under -85dB (IEC-A)
     Distortion under 0.05% (1KHz)


----- Dimensions & Weight ----------------------------------------------

Unit size

     84mm (W) × 112mm (D) × 24mm (H)

     *exclude the protrusion
Shipping package size

     245mm (W) × 180mm (D) × 125mm (H)


     *exclude the battery weight

Shipping package weight



----- Components -------------------------------------------------

Battery unit

Carring soft case

2 insertion sleeves for R-Zero

Belt clip (already installed)

Battery Compact Headamp Unit

SKU: 364115376135191
    • Lightweight & Compact size
    • Attached Belt Clip for fixing to the strap or waist belt
    • Two Monaural Outputs and Tip / Ring each Parallel Output
    • Produce the sound with no distortion from the distortion-free power by 9V battery drive only
    • Best-in class dynamic range and flat frequency characteristics
    • Support guitars mounted any type of pick-up system by -18dB Pad
    • Support the Small Electret Condenser Microphone by the equipped Phantom Power
    • Usable  in wireless system
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