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This is exchange and dress-up panel for the R-Zero.

The R-Zero has the silver rack mount panel as standard.
You can select panel type and color when you order.


Also you can get panel as option.
Please order this panel with the R-Zero together.

R-Zero Optional Panel

  • Your product is warranted against any original defects in material or workmanship, under normal use, for one year from the date of purchase.

    If this optional panel become defective within the above warranty period, please return it to EnfiniCustomWorks by prepaid postage on your side. Before returning it, at first, please contact us on the E-mail. And I will ask the details and consider for it.

    This warranty will not be covered following cases.

    • The damage and failure due to fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, or other natural disasters, abnormal voltage and pollution.
    • The damage and failure due to freight accident after purchase, dropping at the time of movement or improper handling.
    • The damage and failure caused by usage other than general handling.
    • The damage and failure caused by repairing and remodeling by other than our company.

    I will not assume any responsibility of any damages of Loss of business interests, suspension of business, loss of business, other losses and lost profits etc. by using or inability to use in any case. Also in any case, the compensation amount is until the amount equivalent to the price your paid.

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