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Flat and Natural Sound,
Thick Core Sound,
Wide Dynamic Range,
High Quality Sound Signal,
Good Portability and Durability,
Sensitive sound controllability,
Professional Sound Machine pursued these thoroughly

Especially, sounds of acoustic instruments will be changed by connecting electoric unit like microphone, amplifier.
I know that there are player that dare use as own sound charactor with it.
I don't think that is bad thing.

However, musical instruments are packed with each concepts and thoughts of craftsmen.
I want to cherish these.


And also I wanted to make such a machine for players who cherish the original sound of instruments can make theirsounds and convey theier expressions as it is to the listeners.


So I made these as products that can be reproduced originating sound of instruments faithfully and easy to control by player.


Acoustic Guitar Reference Preamplifier

The first pre-amplifier of EnfiniCustomWorks,
It will be able to be a reference for the acoustic guitar,
I named it that means Reference-Zero
as product starting from the 0th.

High Quality Real Sound Direct Injection Box

Unit in order to convert the signal sended
from instruments to the proper signal format
without changing the original gain,
also without distorting


High Quality Sound Performance
4 band EQ Preamp Unit

The compact R-Zero of the stomp box type.
All-in-one 2 channel Preamp unit
with 4 band EQ.


High Quality Sound Performance
5 band Equalizer Unit

The compact R-Zero of the stomp box type.
This can add 5 band EQ control
as equalizer unit exclusively for line input
with your existing amplifier.


Compact Headamp Unit

The stand-alone compact unit
that extracted the high-quality

head amplifier built in the R-Zero
can operate best sound wirelessly
on an acoustic guitar equipped

with a passive pickup

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